ARDUINO: Building an Internet-Controlled Lamp

During this full weekend workshop, you will learn how to build your own lamp. Not just any lamp, but an internet-connected one that changes color the way you want it, through the use of Wi-Fi & the Internet. To achieve this, you’ll learn the basics of different technologies: electronics, soldering, programming with Arduino and WiFi. We explain it step-by-step, to make sure you’ll understand the process, even as a complete beginner. Developers with some programming experience have the opportunity to expand the capabilities of the lamp even more. What to think of changing the color from a ‘Processing’-app on your phone? Or making the color blink blue, if it’s raining outside?


This course is for:
All levels: we explain the basics to everyone, while letting more advanced users express their creativity.

Material required:
A PC with Arduino 1.6.6 installed (important, previous versions will not work) and working Wi-Fi. A Smartphone / tablet is a plus. We will be using the Arduino software but not the Arduino board.

Artistic guidance:
Hugo Herter (Who’s this?)



Course dates:
Full weekend Arduino masterclass : Sat 1 & Sun 2 of April 2017 (10h-17h)

Full weekend Arduino masterclass:
* 175€ (for employed and/or financially healthy people)
* 125€ (for financially insecured: students, job seekers,…)
For this reduction to apply, please provide a document to sustain your status (student card, unemployment document,…)
Optional: + 40€ if you like to bring home your lamp & materials

Reduction opportunities:
° 25-100%: for friends, groups or organizations
° 40-100%: for AV & Performing Arts Professionals
° Early birds who sign up for a course until 1 month in advance, will receive a discount of 10% on the total amount.
° If you register along with a friend/colleague, the second person will receive a discount of 50%.

GLUON Art-Tech Hub
Slachthuisstraat 4
1000 Brussels


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