MAX7 / JITTER: 3D & Infographics

Max is a visual programming environment used to generate and manipulate 3D graphics, video & sound. This versatile toolkit can be used both for quick prototyping and full fledged application development, 3D- en info graphics, new media installations, live audiovisual shows, etc.

In which way can we further your practice?
– Design any kind of interactive live-setup or visual experience
– Create complex audiovisual, multiscreen setups and mappings
– Program pioneering cyber visualizations for artistic or promotional uses
– Interact with electronic devices, sensors, data lists or third party softwares
– …

We train or advice on the following matters:

– Introduction to Max
– Principles of visual programming
– The interface, program flow & structuring.
– Objects
– Creating patches
– Introduction to Jitter
– Load, control and manipulate images, video & sound
– Libraries
– Interactions with the world
– …

We co-create innovative projects.

For more info regarding this specific training/service, please contact: