This is the blog space of ICON-Brussels manager Ken Christiaens, where he reflects on valid topics related to cultural transformation, positive economy, constructive communication, the values of creativity and other subjective matters. Food for thought let’s say, served with a good cup of herbal tea and some inspiring ambient music in the background. Cheers.

I don’t think my father ever aspired to become renowned or wildly recognized as a leading light for his own and future generations. No, he was way too realistic for that, it was the well-being of his family that always held the nº1 position in the chart of his personalRead More
Wondering which is causing the most harm… I’m trying to keep my head straight and maintain my much- cherished and protected objectivity within this turbulence of contradictory opinions, emergency policy-making, swinging emotions and social distances. Over the last 2 weeks I have been sneezing occasionally, had a day or 2Read More
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