Inspirational management is a determining factor in easing the turmoil in times of  substantial socio-technological evolutions. Polarization, extremism and burn-out are caused primarily by a hugely competitive market with a seemingly insatiable focus on maximizing profit. We seem to have detached from our own nature, even from each other. The exponential acceleration of technological R&D sustained by impressive and progressive automation developments, advances in artificial intelligence and persistent digital globalization will bring us to an unavoidable paradigm shift regarding our priorities and objectives as a human species. We will reach a point of so-called ‘singularity’, where artificially-controlled machines can take over all complex, time-consuming thought processes or enduring activities, forcing us to rethink our own positions, preoccupations and roles in relation to our external environment.

It has become clear that the exponential pace of production and development has been and still is quite self-damaging, causing major impact on the climate and exhausting the natural resources we rely on so much. Luckily the emerging consequences did trigger a global awareness and urge for systemic change of behavior, visible for instance in the focus on sustainable energy sourcing and -management.

– lecture on the ground-breaking ‘resource-based economy’ & ideology, outshining the dated principles of current day capitalism
– bringing you an optimistic, future-proof world-view and complementary business methodology, making you an early adopter of the new socio-economic model that will emerge within the next decade
– providing the building blocks and philosophical foundation for growing a sustainable, well-balanced and highly gratifying business with care for yourself, others and the environment
– lose concerns over major issues like the climate debate, exhaustion of resources, overpopulation etc


– The origin, expansion and ground principles of capitalism
– The flaws and qualities of capitalism
– Religion vs capitalism
– Human vs chimp behavior
– Rampant growth, expansion and world-dominance of the human species: why did it happen
– Men’s relation with nature
– Men as a tormented species: awareness and curing the self-destructive behavior
– Resource-based economy as a better alternative for capitalism
– The relevance and position of engineering, research, art,… in the future economy
– Technological innovation vs human behavior
– Holism as a business strategy
– The Art Spirit
– …

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