Senior management only.

Unfortunately all management or entrepreneurship involves certain risks and responsibility as a counterpart to personal or external recognition. Struggles and emotional burden are not often presented outside, but can be severely threatening to the physical or emotional health of one involved. Thoughts of burn-out or breakdown can lure one into anxious decision-making, losing overall perspectives and the ability to anticipate and resolve personal or corporate business crises. 


– Dealing with the pitfalls of high-level management and entrepreneurship in a trustworthy and discrete way: in-depth coaching for doubt, guild, anxiety, stress, pain, conflict,…
– Dedicated and involved identification, decomposition and resolution of complex blocking factors
– Strategizing, planning and supporting re-integration, rehabilitation, recovery and finally regained success
– Coaching to be constructive, respectful and authentic in external communication

1) Private context
In-depth conversation in a private, homely environment to primarily buffer, soften and respond emotional burden. Through dedicated and involved identification, we can re-install trust and serenity, enabling us to suggest positive-alternative viewpoints to regain inner-strength and renewed personal perspective.

2) Intervention – on location coaching

We meet  in a neutral, calm and confidential place of personal preference, accommodated to a busy working schedule or limited transport modalities. An after-hour office environment, hotel lounge or a private home context will suit well for this occasion. The subject/direction of the meeting is proposed by you as a client. Whether you need a refined negotiation-, communication- or handling strategy, struggle with dilemma before an important meeting/event or just prefer the flexibility and quick availability of the service, on-location intervention might suit your agenda best.

3) Online

We provide strategic coaching and support through an online 1h video (or phone) call, offering remote, fast intervention for people traveling or moving frequently due to busy schedules. While not physically present, the connection can still provide sufficient feelings of proximity and back-up to influence the odds when delicate matters are at stake.


All consultations are always in mutual consent, build further on proposed themes and happen generally every 1-3 weeks. They have a duration of 1h-1h20, depending on time needed to reach conclusion. The sessions will gradually improve self-worth, personal resilience and renew perspectives from an early stage on. In the long run, you will fully reconnect with your inner strength, original purpose and true objectives, learn to care for what you hold dear and find true gratification in the most important aspects of your life.


On certain occasions, we may not be the ideal person to assist you. In this case, we will refer to another professional practitioner, suitable for the support you need.

For more info or application, please send your request to: