Coming up with radically innovative as well as thoroughly meaningful ideas for new products or services is ever more important in a rapidly evolving and innovating global economy. Reflection on the underlying meaning or intention of design concepts, excavation or redirection of the implied stories they tell, focus on detailed character & behavior of products, research on contexts, environmental interactions or poetic perception,… are all too often neglected or undervalued in favor of quick money conversion. Training or consultancy can help you or your organization getting familiar with and/or develop true authentic designs, that make your product or corporate identity truly stand out. Combined with 3D modeling, coding or rapid prototyping modules, it could pave the most effective path for smart, conscious & meaningful product or service designs, ready to inspire and set new standards in a modern society.


How can we further your practice?
– Experience design vision methods and get acquainted with design- and true innovation thinking
– Define, construct and integrate an authentic story and meaning within your product or service, with a universal appeal
– Evoke true audience response & interaction with compelling product designs, presentations or interactive experiences in the actual- or virtual environment
– Reposition, revitalize or conceptualize exquisite marketing campaigns or propose a renewed corporate profile
– Gain insight, guidance and feedback throughout the developmental stage if desired.
– …

We co-create, train or advice on the following matters:
– Developing meaningful, interactive and communicative experiences
– Sustainable design/ innovation consultancy
– Physical or virtual user experience
– Visual ethnography
– Interaction design
– Dutch Design Movement
– Integrate inherent storytelling in designs or concepts
– Case study and analysis of iconic designs and concepts
– …

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