SolidWorks is a very powerful Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for parametric 3D-modeling. It is widely used in industrial mechanical design, still gaining popularity across many different industries like 3D-printing or rapid prototyping, thanks to an intuitive workflow and a constantly growing network of support communities. Throughout the years, an expanding bundle of sector-specific packages widened SolidWorks’ capabilities to fit many industries’ needs: from piping to flow simulation, from electrical to CFD dynamics,… With our trainings or customized trajectories, we’d like to focus, provide insight and support you in the full manufacturing process of mechanical products or machines, from ideation to final pre-production prototype.


How can we further your practice:
– Implement SolidWorks intuitive workflow and vast capabilities in your design or production processes
– Design customized, mechanical parts or components, simulating their functionality or signal flow in a comprehensive way
– Prepare mechanical designs for high-end 3D-printing or molding itineraries
– Learn the full prototyping and manufacturing process using latest, cost/time effective and lean development strategies
– …

We create customized, innovative designs on demand.
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We train or advice on the following matters:
– SolidWorks uses, interface and capabilities
– Interface Customization
– Working with Configuration and Excel Tables
– Repetitive tasks: Save time with Library Features
– Industrial project development and product chain: top-down or bottom-up
– Welding and multibody parts
– 3D Print/molding  preparation
– ..

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