Rhinoceros is an industry standard for curve-based 3D-modeling. Its massive use among product designers and architects, as well as its open structure and sparkling community makes Rhinoceros very popular in creative, R&D or university environments for learning, research and/or prototyping applications. Our trainings aim to provide the principles of advanced parametric design to inspiring creators & designers of all kinds, integrating the use of the Grasshopper plugin.


How can we further your practice?
– Use of Rhinoceros’ curve-based 3D-modeling for top product or architectural design, presentation & prototyping
– Gain insight in high-end, innovative design by analyzing, building, structuring & editing geometric shapes and structures
– Build experience & experiment with parametric design, creating your first algorithms in Grasshopper
– Discover different qualities & parameters that compose a great product or architectural design
– …

We create customized, high-end designs on demand.
For info regarding these specific services, please contact: info@icon-brussels.be

We train or advice on the following matters:
– Rhinoceros & Grasshopper use, interface, asset management & workflow
– Rhino NURBS-curves and surface continuity
– Surface curvature control tools
– Grasshopper definitions & components
– Parametrical behavior
– Paneling tools
– 3th party add-ons
– Building patterns on a free surface
– Case studies
– …