‘Privacy by Design’ is an approach to systems engineering which takes privacy into account throughout the whole engineering process. Also known as ‘Data Protection by Design’, it is a recent, legal requirement within the European Union, applicable when one starts designing systems that process personal information. But what does it imply? How do you integrate it in the development or design of your product or services? This training focuses on the eight Privacy Design Strategies and how to put them to best use.

How can we further your practice?

– Understand what causes privacy incidents in practice
– Learn how to design privacy friendly systems
– Be informed about the latest developments in privacy engineering
– …

We train or advice on the following matters:
– What is privacy and why/how is it threatened
– Why is privacy protection important
– What is personal information
– How can privacy by design help to protect it
– How do the eight Privacy Design Strategies help to design a system in a more privacy friendly way?
– …

We co-create innovative projects or services.
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