Time management is often proposed, rather unilaterally, as a  tight scheduling of activities and execution. While this is partly true, it omits 2 very important parameters that impact efficiency and productivity immensely: personal energy management & orientation. For us it’s not only about setting goals, it’s about setting the ‘right’ goals that further your intentions in the ‘most effective’ way with the least amount of effort. It’s about being able to listen to yourself, identify the ideas that feel most congruent to your situation (and inner gut), coming up with the most straightforward orientation and focus, initiate & stick to the work, while picking up the external ‘signals’ that lead you onto the right path without holding on to previous assumptions.

How can we further your practice?
– Considerably lift your (team’s) and corporate productivity
– Reach your goals more directly and easily
– Reduce loss of money, time, quality, focus and direction
– Better stress management
– …

We train or advice on the following matters:
– Principles of efficiency
– The fuel of drive and motivation
– Comfort & safety
– The joy of realization
– The result pyramid
– Discipline is not force
– Obstructive thought, behavior & environment
– The big jump
– The underlying conviction
– The positive alternative
– Putting the ‘right’ goal
– Defining the plan
– Priority matrix
– Cost & benefits
– Overcoming relapse
– …

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