Many people heard about the subconscious, while for most it remains a mystery. We don’t seem to gain access to our subconscious thoughts and behavior easily, therefor tending to let it untouched. It is accepted by psychologists worldwide that +90% of communication happens through subconscious bodily behavior, response and intonation, leaving a small percentage for actual sharing of ‘content’. There’s a lot more ‘under the hood’ when we talk to one another. Learning to observe and master these underlying communication tendencies and suggestions makes all the difference in perpetuating a solid professional or personal relationship. Your message will be communicated profoundly, respectfully and in a long-lasting manner, building relationships that last.

How can we further your practice?
– Understanding the reasons why your team’s message is ‘not getting through’ to clients or colleagues
– Build trust and confidence between you and your conversational partner(s)
– Communicate or present your work on a ‘deeper’, more profound level, making people come back to you or get inspired
– Build long-term relationships, no cheap or rigid sales talk

We train or advice on the following matters:

– Principles of communication
– Observation & awareness
– Accepting and adapting to situations
– Indirect suggestion vs manipulation
– Communication blockers & drivers
– Bodily behavior & environment
– Standing your ground
– Frame of reference
– Metaphors, puns, analogies & symbolism
– Mirroring
– …

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