Anticonventional thinking (ACT) is a new approach to collaborative creativity that is based on how artists, writers, composers and other creative geniuses work on projects individually and in teams. If you’ve been disappointed with the results of brainstorming (lots of mediocre ideas, little implementation of ideas), you’ll love ACT − because it works.

How can we further your practice?

– Learn to professionally implement ACT in your processes
– Learn to analyse a situation so that creative ideas come almost automatically
– Develop a big idea and why this is better than capturing lots of undeveloped ideas.
– Allow positive critism as an essential catalyst for creative ideas
– Learn to plan and implement your newly developed idea

We train or advice on the following matters:

– How conventional brainstorming works and why it seldom results in creative ideas
– An introduction into how the mind builds ideas
– The theory behind ACT
– The four steps of an ACT-session
– ACT tips and tricks you can use whenever you need ideas
– …

This high-profile workshop is led by Jeffrey Baumgartner, the inventor of the ACT process and author of Anticonventional Thinking – The Creative Alternative to Brainstorming. He has spoken about and taught ACT to businesses, governments, industrial associations and conferences throughout Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

We recommend participants bring to the workshop issues for which they need innovative ideas. We can then apply ACT to these issues so that participants do not only learn the ACT method, but leave the workshop with relevant, developed ideas they can implement.

You can purchase copies of Jeffrey Baumgartner’s Book, Anticonventional Thinking – the Creative Alternative to Brainstorming to give to participants after the workshop.

To ensure ideas developed in the ACT workshop are implemented, we can provide on-going coaching after the workshop.
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