Art-tech synergies are highly-specialized consultancy sessions or co-creation itineraries, whereby highly-skilled and recognized tech-artists/wizards are invited into a corporate (often R&D) environment to collaborate with engineers & researchers to co-develop & create truly innovative, new products or services with the potential of disrupting the market, attaining market-leadership, creating a pioneering corporate identity and bringing a new wave of inspiration, optimism and renewed dynamics throughout the company (or at least the division). We believe that creativity (and thus art) will systematically grow into an indispensable and invaluable asset within our modern society, when combined with technology in market-driven product iterations. Likewise, corporate business developers, engineers and academics can bring and share their knowledge through these sessions to feed the artists’ integration into a competitive, economy-driven society.

What is the added value of this technique?
– Remove bottlenecks or refuel research on specific R&D-related enigmas
– Providing new, unexpected & multidimensional perspectives on a problem, offering new pathways for exploration & development
– Stimulating group dynamics, motivation, creative thinking and pro-active collaboration
– Inspire new, high-potential ideas and corporate strategies
– Bringing people together in mutual respect
– Combining the diverse talent and potential of our multidisciplinary expertise (VR, 3DP, AI, IoT, coding, creativity,…) into unique teams with competences that are highly-adapted to the problem, very flexible in it’s approach and far more creative than in standard contexts

We are specialized in:
– finding a common language and comfort between artists, researchers, engineers and business developers
– creation of a respectful, clearly identified and effective itinerary in accordance to all parties
– true innovation, no false image building
– authentic artistic competence
– aware of the latest technological advances
– a wide network of acclaimed, talented and recognized artists and creatives with a tech skill set
– high flexibility
– …

We co-create innovative projects, if they fit our approach.

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