Adobe Illustrator allows you to create and integrate highly-customized and  adaptable graphics, like logos, info graphs, data visualizations, sketches, corporate typography and other digital illustrations into your web, print, art or media communications, guiding you towards a unique corporate or personal identity. It’s vector handling enables you to work on digital illustrations for the tiniest up to the largest format imaginable, with no quality loss what so ever.
In a package with Adobe Photoshop, Indesign or one of our creativity trainings, it could skyrocket you or your team’s communication value & quality.

In which way can we further your practice?
– Design your own corporate logo, pictograms or typography
– Create customized info graphics for your website, presentations, printed media,…
– Design authentic poster, card,folder or web illustrations
– Discover the the multi-disciplinary qualities of vector-based design (for instance in 3D Printing objects)
– …

We train or advice on the following matters:

– Orientation, key concepts & workflow
– Importing and setup of the environment
– Using tools: selection, free/object-based drawing,…
– Path finder
– Swatches, brushes & gradients
– Adding text
– Working with layers
– Brushing, filtering & effects
– Exporting, print-ready formatting
– …

We co-create innovative projects.

For more info regarding this specific training/service, please contact: