Our offer

ICON intends to encourage synergetic and reciprocal interactions between artistic mindset, academic proficiency and corporate intelligence. To be successful, certain guidelines related to language & communication, open-mindedness, mutual respect and out-of-the-ordinary thinking should be taken into account. Competence (from all sides), environment and timing are primordial and directly related to final achievement. Atypical circumstances, unexpected changes of direction, alternative strategy & concept development can be expected. Fun & freedom (in contrast to control) are important ingredients for loosening up the mind to let ideas emerge out of subconscious streams of thought.

In return, it could mean
– Astounding, highly-inspirational new ideas
– New corporate dynamic & strategy, future-proof
– High potential value & financial prospect
– Far ahead of competition
– Optimized corporate identity & customer respect
– Unforgettable experience

What we can bring:
– High-tech & artistic consultancy
– Personal & group dynamics consultancy
– Concept & design of interactive, audiovisual & kinetic applications, both virtual (digital) & physical (in space)
– Sensoric & multidimensional communication & product experiences
-> see below for best practices

How we do it:
– We receive your request
– We initiate a mutual, in-depth dialog to fully understand your project needs & corporate identity
– We contemplate and form a multidimensional team of creatives, tech-engineers and/or communication experts tailored to the project (external partners if needed)
– We engage into creative brainstorming sessions, in or out of the corporate context
– We propose the initial ideas upon approval
– We collaboratively develop and realize your work

We co-create with a true innovative intent. Projects with non-esthetic/ethic value are declined.

Best practices:
Brand-identity enhancing works:
– Unique awards (interactive, data-visualisation of results/achievements, 3D-modeled tech-shapes,…)
– Tech/hybrid statues & models (3D-Printed in all materials, all shapes)
– Wall or venue decoration (digital, responsive, generative designs)

* New product or service presentation:
– Reactive, high-tech animation, video or laser-light/sound installations
– Interactive billboards
– Responsive physical-space game-experiences

* Digital/virtual world applications
– Innovative, mobile, interactive app creation (iOS, Android, web, etc)
– Non-standard virtual/augmented reality experiences
– Internet of things (remote-controlled hardware)
– …

For info regarding our consultancy or R&D-works, please contact: info@icon-brussels.be