Community Events

” – The first principle is that you must not fool yourself -…” Richard Feynman (US physicist, Nobel Price Winner 1965)

We feel it’s important to be aware of all new technologies and social changes that emerge and surround us to an enormous extend. As part of our research, we think it’s a good idea to organise regular lectures and debates on topics that are vivid, contemporary and relevant to society, not only to present possibly ‘complex’, technological topics in an easy to understand way to an open and interested audience, we also try to stimulate interactive dialog between participants to get a good view on the relevance of those newly appearing innovations and tendencies and the sociological impact they might have.

The lectures and debates are presented in a 1h-format followed by an 1h animated debate to discuss and finalize the topic in public. Please subscribe for an event through the application form on our website.

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