Ephemeroscope – Ken Christiaens / Jürgen De Blonde

An interactive installation developed by ICON-Brussels and supported by Creative District for the Ravenstein Gallery, in partnership with All Yield, Bozar & Plaisirs d’Hiver.




Ephemeroscope is an intriguing laser light installation, placed in the centre of Gallery Ravenstein’s interior ‘Rotonde’, evoking an immediate and often forgotten sense of connection between men & its surrounding cosmic nature.

Linking hi-tech, natural and human-constructed elements, this wintertime installment acts as a digital recreation of Foucault’s pendulum, interpreting and translating ephemeric and live-GPS data into an authentic representation of Earth’s rotation, lunar phase & relative position.

AV-artist and ICON-Brussels founder Ken Christiaens and renowned Belgian soundpioneer Jürgen De Blonde create a timeless, oddly inviting biotope and soundlandscape, echoing the mysterious charm of Nordic woodlands and nature’s proximity, delicately constructed around immediate audience’s gestures and movements.

State-of-the-art lasertechnology & programming, real-time sound capturing & processing of movement, a 7.1 surround representation, a unique setting and a balanced blend of natural resources make for a multifaceted, layered experience, bringing one to self-reference and contemplation, possibly even reconnecting to the emotional self.

Ephemeroscope is created by Icon-Brussels, a new creative platform for innovative research and development, fusing art and contemporary technological advancements. The work is created as a 1st commission to Ravenstein Gallery, initiating a new dynamic of art, technology and interactivity, revitalising and dynamising the gallery to its once acclaimed grandeur.


Concept, creation & production: Ken Christiaens

Sound: Jürgen De Blonde

Advice & support : Brecht Debackere, Roman Miletitch, Robin Adams, Lukas White

Assistant-Production : Marijn Geluykens

With the precious help of All Yield, Creative District, Bozar & Winter Wonders.

Thanks to : Aurélie Rompler, Mulenga Royen, Rachid Seddouk, Marc Jacobs, Bart Moens, Frederik De Wilde, Attila Balogh, Hugo Herter, Abel Roland, Sarah Mertens, Achiel Christiaens.


A work produced by Gallery Ravenstein, realized by Icon Brussels and supported by Creative District.