Vision and Mission

ICON-Brussels is a Belgian research- and innovation centre for art and contemporary technologies in Brussels.

We investigate and foster cross-fertilization between the artistic, scientific and business approaches in society, focussing on social  & technological innovation. To achieve this, we build on a growing (inter)-national network of collaborative artists, researchers, expert developers & educators.

We offer customized trainings , consultancy services and R&D work for professional organizations seeking positive change or renewed dynamics in a rapidly changing society.

We are the only Belgian organization offering such diverse, multidisciplinary training and consultancy services which can be combined into one-of-a-kind, highly-customized itineraries, opening tremendous opportunities for true and authentic innovation, not stumbling into the pitfall of superficiality. We actively integrate subtle creative and behavioral change management techniques into each of our trainings or services, stimulating collaboration & connectivity between participants and within organizations as a whole. Finally, we are able to provide and share cutting-edge knowledge related to latest technological advances, putting us at the forefront of social change, while maintaining an optimistic worldview (despite the harshness of contemporary tendencies).

We believe in the art of sciences, science of the arts, sensory experiences and awareness of universal connection.