This training is for creative designers (architects, 3D printers, event producers, concept developers, engineers,…) who want to produce professional-grade 3D-modeled visualizations of their work, to be used in product or service presentations, client engagement, events, prototyping, research and art installments. The Blender platform offers a free way to translate the unexplainable into a few striking images to which your audience could instant relate and respond to. This professional CAD-design & object-modeling training works very well with our 3D-Printing sessions.


How can we further your practice?
– Model your virtual 3D-maquette as a presentation tool
– Design organic architectural structures & interior elements (furniture etc)
– Reach photo-realism through material and environmental shading
– Use animations to enhance audience experience
– …

We train or advice on the following matters:

– Overview & functionality of the program
– Windows & toolset
– Selecting & extracting
– Camera & Lighting
– Shading & colours
– Import/export/compatibility
– 3D-print integration
– …

For more info on this specific training/service, please contact: