Blender 3D: Architectural Visualization

This is a course for architects, designers and students who want to produce professional visuals of their work in the Blender 3D environment. You’ll learn the basics of modelling of typical architectural elements as walls, doors, windows etc., but also learn how to model some typical furniture pieces. When moving towards the next level, we model more organic forms as a couch or an armchair. Beyond all this, you learn how to set up materials and lights and how to produce final images effectively. We also take a look at how you can import and use 3rd party models and how to set up a basic camera animation.

This course is for:
Architects, designers and students who wants to present their design in a pro way. Anyone  interested to start working as a visualiser or wanting to get the hang of Blender (Open source software to start practicing without a heavy investment) 

It is a beginner course. Basic knowledge of software installation and some knowledge of CAD or image processing software is welcome.

Material required:
A laptop fast enough to run a 3d application. The open-source software Blender should be installed and working before the class starts. You can download it for free on the respective website (

If you experience difficulties installing the software, send a mail to:

Artistic Guidance:
Attila Balogh (Who’s this?)

Course Dates:
4-evening Blender 3D masterclass : Tue 16, 23, 30 of May & 6 of June 2017 (19h-22h)

4-evening Blender 3D masterclass:
* 275€ (for employed and/or financially healthy people)
* 175€ (for financially insecured: students, job seekers,…)
For this reduction to apply, please provide a document to sustain your status (student card, unemployment document,…)    

Reduction opportunities:
° 25-100%: for friends, groups or organisations
° 40-100%: for AV & Performing Arts Professionals
° Early birds who sign up for a course until 1 month in advance, will receive a discount of 10% on the total amount.
° If you register along with a friend/colleague, the second person will receive a discount of 50%.

GLUON Art-Tech Hub
Slachthuisstraat 4
1000 Brussels


For questions and more information, please contact:


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