KLYNT: Interactive Editing & Publishing

In this training, you learn the basics of using Klynt, a new interactive, web-based editing software. It is unique in its accessibility and speed,  its interactive, non-linear results (much more refreshing than classic videos) & immediate online integration & distribution. Throughout the training, we assist you in creating your own personalized or corporate web-stories.

In which way can we further your practice?
– Stand out from the crowd by making truly interactive, online, storytelling video-experiences (no sit and watch!)
– Let the spectator decide where to go in your storyline
– Mobility: no software installs needed, have access tot the content anywhere you go
– Ease-of use, visual lay-out
– We guide and assist you with your projects

We train or advice on the following matters:

– In-depth analysis of creative example projects
– Discussing different directions to guide your project
– Non-linear narrative structuring (mind-mapping)
– Grouping & linking of story-lines
– Developing a personal style & layout
– All possible formats & settings for import, export & upload to server

We co-create innovative projects.

For info regarding this specific training/service, please contact: info@icon-brussels.be