KLYNT: Interactive Editing & Publishing

In this masterclass, you learn the basics of using Klynt, a new interactive, webbased editing software. We will have an in-depth look on existing examples and discuss different directions. To create their own personal webstory, we provide participants with visual and soundmaterial (photos, videos, text, music) to experiment with. We discuss the possible formats and settings to ensure the source material is recognized by Klynt and plays smoothly in different browsers and devices. Interactive webstories have a non-linear narrative structure,  so you’ll create a scenario in the form of mind mapping. We’ll see how you can group different stories together and how to link them. You’ll see how you create your own personalised style and layout. Klynt offers a number of basic options for a simple lay-out, but it can also read PSD (Photoshop) documents, which opens up limitless possibilities. Your end result will be exported and uploaded to a server with corresponding domain name.


This course is for:
Explorer (= beginner)
No prior knowledge is necessary. Experience with video-editing tools is a pre.

Material required:
A laptop with working wifi.

Artistic guidance:
Valerie Baeyens (Who’s this?)

Course dates:
This course will not be organized this season. However, it is available on demand. Please send an e-mail to info@icon-brussels.be for more information.