360° VIDEO: Concepts & Creation

360° video shares similarities with virtual/augmented reality experiences, like the headset and fully immersive experience, but still is considerably different. The main difference lies in the creation of content, which is filmed in real-live or even real-time, streaming events anywhere to anywhere globally, bringing a more lively ‘being present’- sensation & emotion to the immersed person or group.

In which way can we further your practice?
– Enhance your website, blogs and promotion channels with 360° images/video for a deeper 3D-perception
– Let your audience explore your products , services or event as if they were physically present
– Simulate experiences for anyone not able to move out to the specific area (travel, technical training, dream conditions,…)
– Create astounding or mind-bending presentation or exhibition experiences for an interested audience
– …

We train or advice on the following matters:

– Background, current state and future of 360° video
– Technical/productional aspects of 360° production
– Idea/concept generation
– Essential materials
– Shooting 360° video & sound
– Stitching & editing the material
– Audio/music postproduction
– Exporting & integrating the movie
– Presentation & distribution of final product
– …

We co-create innovative projects.

For info regarding this specific training/service, please contact: info@icon-brussels.be