DRONES: Develop & Apply

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or simply drones, are becoming one of the most dominant technologies being developed to be used almost in every aspect of our modern world: from commerce, R & D, surveillance, aerial photography/videography, or simply for hobbyists. This masterclass will focus on presenting basic concepts of the development & application of drones. You’ll get an overview on how & where to start a drone project, the production process, which parameters to asses, going through the experimentation phase & troubleshoot where needed to achieve better performance and meet initial product requirements. You will learn different types of drones being used and developed nowadays, how they are and will be implemented in our daily lives now and in the near future.

Course overview
1st day: Legislation, future tendencies, technical specs, power supply, types of drones
2nd day: Designing/building/programming a drone, manual/automatic and semi-automatic use


This course is for:
This is a beginners course for people having no or little experience in/knowledge of drones. Participants will acquire the necessary info, whilst attending the course. There is no need for prior study.

Required material:
Pen & paper, maybe a laptop.

Artistic guidance:
Lucas White (Who’s this?)


Course dates:
This course will not be organized this season. However, it is available on demand. Please send an e-mail to info@icon-brussels.be for more information.