Processing is a flexible, easy-to-learn and open-source (free to use) programming language, mainly directed towards visual design, graphics & interaction. It explores the boundaries of what’s possible with visual computer technology.
Since it is based on the Java-language, it becomes the ideal introduction platform to the vast and complicated Java-environment. Due to it’s immediate visual feedback possibility, it attracts more interest and motivation from programmer-novices, thus becoming a tool for training, generating public & professional interest for tech, art or HR-departments.

In which way can we further your practice?
– Learn text-based programming as an entry to Java
– Create interactive 3D, info graphics and data visualizations for your product or service presentations
– PDF, SVG, 3D-objects,… output allows for easy integration in Adobe or other softwares
– Engage into pioneering visual computer technology
– Interface with physical computing devices for motion detection, sound manipulation or any other sensor
– Generate stunning, particle-based cyber visualizations for great design applications
– …

We train or advice on the following matters:

– Processing overview, environment and functionality
– Syntax (Java-based) & functions
– Exploring and importing classes & libraries
– Exporting formats & integration
– Interactive 2D – 3D visualizations
– Direct feedback programming
– Physical computing with external sensors and actuators
– …

We co-create innovative projects.

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