Unhappiness, stress overloads, loss of control and overview are often caused by work absorption, killing deadlines (what’s in the name…) and no sufficient time to detach when the private life also doesn’t allow to do so. This invariably leads to quality and output deficiencies of all kinds. It can become a downward spiral, from which it’s hard to escape.

What can we bring to you?
– Regaining control of situation (and concurring emotion)
– Assess workload
– Review & adapt time schedules (allowing detachment in some cases?)
– Reframing focus through multi-perspective angle
– Guiding through process of re-establishing authority
– …

We train or advice on the following matters:
– Energy management & distribution
– Control vs detachment vs happiness
– Subconscious behavioral change
– Force vs suggestions
– Applying flexibility
– Principles, meaning and relevance of timing
– Fragmented vs holistic view
– Thought vs behavior vs emotion
– …

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