Virtual & Augmented Reality can be considered one of the major technological drivers of this era, being able to create ‘surrogate’ 3D-worlds, in which human actions, behavior and emotion are seemingly immersed into a 100% (virtual) or partly (augmented) digital, animated environment, creating real-world or surreal experiences never held imaginable before. VR/AR can be integrated in games, presentations, solo- or group-experiences in physical or space, exhibitions, business or artistic context,… Combined with skills, like iOS-app development, interactive or 3D design, it opens up many inspiring, new ideas for product development.

How can we further your practice?
– Getting to know the importance, relevance & applications of VR/AR
– Knowing how to integrate VR in a professional setting
– Offering an immediate 360° true VR experience during the sessions
– Gaining insight in and guidance throughout the developmental stage
– …

We train or advice on the following matters:

– Background, principles and key technical concepts of VR/AR
– Aframe as a sensible and emerging framework
– Fundamental rules of VR-scene design
– Loading your own 3D assets

– Acting within a virtual scene (individual or group interactions)
– Dynamic content generation
– The stereo effect
– Sharing your VR project
– WebVR as a perfect entry to VR, not only being the first step
– …

We co-create innovative projects.

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