ABLETON LIVE: Electronic Music Composition

Ableton Live 9 is a great production tool for live performance and in the studio to make electronic music. An intuitive interface, an extensive collection of instruments and samples, and a whole battery of effects, Ableton Live has it all.

In this course we will, on the basis of an existing electronic track, explore the various features and capabilities of Ableton Live. At the end of the course you will be able to produce electronic music with Ableton Live.

Course overview:
Ableton Live Introduction
– Overview of the interface, Clips, scenes and warping, Session view and arrangement view
Making Beats with Ableton Live
– Programming Beats with midi and samples, Punchy bass drums, snappy snares and funky hi-hats
Bass, melodies and sound tweaking
– Programming bass grooves, chords and melodies, Choosing sounds and modulation
Create Your song
Transform your groove to a finished song, Hands-on mixing with Ableton Live, Basic export and track mastering

This course is for:
Explorer (=beginner). It’s good to know what the program can do for you. Having some basic computer knowledge helps.

Material required:
– A laptop (windows/OSX) with Ableton Live 9. You can download a full 30-day trial-version from the Ableton website, free of charge. Please make sure to install the software before the start of the class, to save time.
– Headphones

Artistic Guidance:
Pascal Oorts (Who’s this?)



Course dates:
Full weekend Ableton Live masterclass : Sat 15 & Sun 16 of April 2017 (10h-17h)

Full weekend Ableton Live masterclass:
* 175€ (for employed and/or financially healthy people)
* 125€ (for financially insecured: students, job seekers,…)
For this reduction to apply, please provide a document to sustain your status (student card, unemployment document,…)    

Reduction opportunities:
° 25-100%: for friends, groups or organizations
° 40-100%: for AV & Performing Arts Professionals
° Early birds who sign up for a course until 1 month in advance, will receive a discount of 10% on the total amount.
° If you register along with a friend/colleague, the second person will receive a discount of 50%.

GLUON Art-Tech Hub
Slachthuisstraat 4
1000 Brussels


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