PROTOOLS: For Audiovisual Media

This Weekend masterclass is made for aspiring audiovisual professionals and people interested to increase their skills in soundediting, sounddesign, recording and mixing in Protools, specifically towards audio-visual media. You will learn about different soundtypes used in film & video production, how they are acquired and prepared in the program. With pratical exercises, you’ll learn how to edit and reshape (design) these sounds into a quality soundtrack that enhances the mood of your video/film. Next you’ll learn how to properly record Foley Fx (studio-recorded replacement sounds) by choosing the right microphone, position it for the best result and setup a proper gainstructure. Lastly you’ll learn the most essential mix-techniques to get a well-balanced and refined soundtrack to be used in a professional context.


This course is for:
Explorer (= beginner). We expect you to know what Protools can do for you and that you have good notion of basic computer handling.

Material required:
A laptop (windows/OSX) with Protools installed. You can download a full 30-day trial-version from the Avid-website, free of charge. Don’t forget you’ll need an Ilok for the program to run. You can buy this in any quality, modern music shop, but if you can’t provide it, we buy it for you. Let us know, if we can help you in the process.

Artistic guidance:
Abel Roland (Who’s this?)

Course dates:
This course will not be organized this season. However, it is available on demand. Please send an e-mail to for more information.