Education makes no sense if it’s not accessible for anyone.

We question ourselves regularly on how we can make the classes accessible for anybody interested, while being sustainable. In this philosophy, we offer different rates for different personal situations. Please read carefully.

image For employed and/or financially healthy 

* 175€ for a weekend.
* 275€ for a 4-evening masterclass

image For financially insecured (job seekers, students,…)
* 125€ for a weekend
* 175€ for a 4-evening masterclass
To apply for this reduction, please provide a document to
sustain your status (student card, unemployment form,…)

Reduction opportunities
° Early birds who sign up for a course until 1 month in advance, will receive a discount of 10% on the total amount.
° If you register along with a friend/colleague, the second person will receive a discount of 50%.

 For organisations/groups

Groups of 5+ people get 20% on the total subscription amount
To apply: send an email to, with the name and mailcontact of all people involved.


image For dedicated, but financially restricted people
There are several reasons for not having enough funds to participate in a course. In some cases we grant access to dedicated people. Please send us an email with your name, address, phone number,  main interests to inquire:


image  For Audiovisual or Performing Arts Professionals
Thanks to Mediarte and Podiumkunsten, we can offer great reductions for people, professionally related to the Audiovisual sector or Performing Arts: from 40% up to full refund of the course fees.
More info:
Mediarte (AV-related): 40% reduction
Podiumkunsten (Performing Arts): up to full refund 

All mentioned opportunities are non-cumulative. End-decision in providing the discount stays with Icon.


image  Lectures-on-the-NOW
These are free (or limited-budget) events: lectures, debates or drinks, all centered around technological or social topics that are vivid, contemporary and relevant to society. In these events, we try to engage you in an interactive debate to get a good view on the relevance of newly appearing technologies or social changes that impact our lives.
More info: here

Custom-made courses
We also provide masterclasses or courses on demand, tailored towards the needs of your organisation on a chosen location. Cost depends on number of participants, your location, adapted content and time-schedule. More info: