ADOBE AFTEREFFECTS: Enhancing techniques

Adobe After-Effects is a widespread image-compositing tool, which allows you to create multi-layered and dynamic 3D-animations. You can see it as an extension of Adobe Premiere or Photoshop, where you start mounting moving images, not in a linear succession, but as a layered collage of moving fragments. You can make them move relative to each other, changing and blending in 3 dimensions. You can see it as a gateway to the world of special-effects as used in the audiovisual media, art and entertainment businesses worldwide.

Module 1: Enhancing Techniques
You will be learning how to create a basic 3D scene with flat layers, simulating animated fluids, text integration and simple camera movements. Building on this, we dig deeper in some more advanced camera tricks, lights and shadows, the use of particles, 3D camera tracking and integrating these elements into your video footage. The idea is to guide and follow each student through the creation of their own sequences after giving them the knowledge and skills they need to accomplish it.

This course is for:

Explorer – Developer (= beginner – intermediate)
People should have some basic computer skills (opening/closing files, copy/paste, etc.)

Artistic guidance:
Greg McGrew (Who’s this?)

Course dates:
Full 4-evening AFterEffects masterclass: 8, 15, 22, 29 nov 2016 (19-22h)

Full 4-evening AFterEffects masterclass = 12h
* 285€ (for employed & financially healthy people)
* 185€ (for financially insecured: students, job seekers,…)
For this reduction to apply, please provide a document to sustain your status (student card, unemployment document,…)    


ICON-Brussels – Creative District  
Kolonel Bourgstraat – Rue Colonel Bourg 122 – 3th floor !
1140 Brussels

Material required:
Please bring your laptop with a pre-installed version of Adobe AfterEffects installed. You can download a full 30-day trial-version form the Adobe website, free of charge.

For more info: