LOGIC PRO: Record & Compose

Logic Pro is an impressive Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), owned by Apple. It has an incredible arsenal of tools / loops / effects. In the professional world, it’s known as the most comprehensive music software, ideal for recording, composing, producing and mixing music of all genres.

In this course we start with an existing electronic dance multitrack to explore the different features and capabilities of Logic Pro. At the end of the course you will be able to produce your own music with Logic Pro

Day 1:
• Introduction to Logic / start session
• programming beats with samples and midi
• punchy bass drum sounds, snappy snares and hi-hats funky
• mixing beats with EQ, compression and distortion

• sub to punch
• Bass vs Kick: sidechaining is the answer!
• bass in the mix

Day 2:
• programming synths and modulate
• synths mix with EQ, delay and reverb
• vocals editing and editing FX

• EQ, depth and a balanced stereo image
• inserts and automation
• mastering using Logic plugins
• mix bouncing and exporting

This course is for:

Beginner (= explorer)
A basic interest in (electronic) music production and  the willingness is a minimum.

Artistic guidance:
Pascal Oorts (Who’s this?)

Course dates:
Logic Pro Weekend masterclass: sat & sun 17/18 dec 2016 (10h-17h)

Logic Pro weekend masterclass:
* 185€ (
for employed and/or financially healthy people)
* 135€ (
for financially insecured: students, job seekers,…)
For this reduction to apply, please provide a document to sustain your status (student card, unemployment document,…)

Reduction opportunities:
° 25-100%: for friends, groups or organisations
° 40-100%: for AV & Performing Arts Professionals



ICON-Brussels – Creative District  
Kolonel Bourgstraat – Rue Colonel Bourg 122 – 3th floor !
1140 Brussels

Material required:
You should have Logic Pro installed and working on your laptop.
Unfortunately there’s no trial version of the software.

For more info: info@icon-brussels.be