BLENDER 3D: Architectural Visualisation

This is a course for architects, designers and students who want to produce professional visuals of their work in the Blender 3D environment. You’ll learn the basics of modelling of typical architectural elements as walls, doors, windows etc., but also… Continue Reading

LOGIC PRO: Record & Compose

Logic Pro is an impressive Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), owned by Apple. It has an incredible arsenal of tools / loops / effects. In the professional world, it’s known as the most comprehensive music software, ideal for recording, composing, producing… Continue Reading

KLYNT: Interactive Editing & Publishing

In this masterclass, you learn the basics of using Klynt, a new interactive, webbased editing software. We will have an in-depth look on existing examples and discuss different directions. To create their own personal webstory, we provide participants with visual… Continue Reading


Learn everything there is to know about 21st century prototyping and production. The course will teach you how to draw in free-to-use CAD applications and prepare you for diving into 3D printing, lasercutting and more at home. It will teach… Continue Reading

360° VIDEO: Concepts & Creation

Virtual Reality is growing exponentially: hi-tech VR headsets, backpack computers, hi-res smartphones, motion tracking and 360º camera rigs. Nowadays, every filmfestival has a special VR exhibit and market where spectators can experience the newest VR documentaries, fiction movies and animations. But what… Continue Reading


This is an exceptional masterclass, guided by reputed Italian editor/director Beppe Leonetti! Mr. Leonetti works as a professional movie editor since 2004. He has been working on both fiction movies and documentaries, collaborating with directors such as Nanni Moretti, Alfonso Arau,… Continue Reading

DRONES: Develop & Apply

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or simply drones, are becoming one of the most dominant technologies being developed to be used almost in every aspect of our modern world: from commerce, R & D, surveillance, aerial photography/videography, or simply for hobbyists. This masterclass… Continue Reading

RASPBERRY PI: Prototyping Basics

A Raspberry Pi is a tiny, inexpensive, creditcard-sized single-board & powerful computer that can be controlled remotely and/or plugs into a computer screen or TV, using a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable, little device enabling people of… Continue Reading

ARDUINO: Programming the physical world

Course overview Automate the physical world: learn basics of software and electronics with the Arduino platform, in order to program the real world: learn how to use different kinds of sensors (buttons, light, humidity) and actuators (sounds, motors, pumps) so… Continue Reading